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Javna tribina „Problem zagađenosti u Federaciji BiH sa fokusom na Općinu Lukavac moguća rješenja“

Centri Civilnih Inicijativa (CCI) Vas pozivaju na Javnu tribinu “Problem zagađenosti u Federaciji BiH sa fokusom na Općinu Lukavac - moguća rješenja”, koja će se održati u Lukavcu, 23.05.2017. godine (utorak), s početkom u 18:00 sati u Sali Policijske uprave Lukavac.

Na tribini će se građanima obratiti i odgovarati na pitanja poslanici u Predstavničkom domu Parlamenta Federacije BiH iz izborne jedinice 403 – TK:
Tarik Arapčić (SDA)
Enver Bijedić (SDP)
Hasida Isaković (SBB)
Amra Haračić (DF)
Refik Hankić (SBiH)


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“Alliance for EU integration”: a platform for civil society participation in BiH’s EU integration process

The local NGOs – Centres for Civil Initiatives (CCI) and the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development (ACED) – have recently launched a campaign to activate and mobilize non-governmental stakeholders in the EU integration process of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through its TACSO project, the Delegation of the EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina will support this campaign encouraging civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, academia, activists, bloggers and similar, to actively participate in the “Alliance for EU Integration” – a joint platform bringing together non-governmental actors as a counterpart  and complement to BiH’s governmental institutions – currently the only formal stakeholder in the EU integration process.

Through this initiative it is expected that an open and inclusive mechanism would be created for public participation in reforms related to the EU integration process over the coming years (the European Commission questionnaire and the negotiation process with the EU), which would be based on voluntarism and competence, and would focus not only on civil society but all competent interlocutors in BiH.

During the next 4 months the initiative will establish and empower participating stakeholders of the Alliance, a process that is intended to culminate with the final event in July 2017.

We encourage participation of all interested NGOs in order to expand the scope of the project and increase the participation of non-governmental stakeholders through additional funds and/or resources, which may be made available by the EU or other donors. For all details please contact TACSO BiH, or the implementing organizations CCI and ACED.