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Centri civilnih inicijativa (CCI) pozdravljaju odluku vijećnika Općinskog vijeća Bosanka Krupa o uvrštavanju u program rada za 2021. godinu obavezno razmatranje Izvještaja o finansijskoj reviziji općine Bosanska Krupa za 2020.godinu.

<![CDATA[IZVJEŠTAJ O FINANSIJSKOJ REVIZIJI OPĆINE BOSANSKA KRUPA UVRSTITI U PROGRAM RADA VIJEĆA ZA 2021. GODINU]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/625.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/625.htmlThu, 15 Apr 2021

Povodom održavanja sjednice Općinskog vijeća Bosanska Krupa, zakazane za 14.4.2021. godine (srijeda), Centri civilnih inicijativa žele da skrenu pažnju na posebno bitnu tačku dnevnog reda - Prijedlog Programa rada Općinskog vijeća Bosanska Krupa za 2021. godinu, te predloženu inicijativu da se u isti uvrsti i razmatranje Izvještaja o finansijskoj reviziji općine Bosanska Krupa za 2020. godinu 


<![CDATA[REPORTS ON THE FINANCIAL AUDIT OF ZDK AND THE HEALTH INSURANCE INSTITUTE FOR 2020 TO BE INCLUDED IN THE WORK PROGRAM OF THE ZDK ASSEMBLY FOR 2021]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/624.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/624.htmlThu, 25 Feb 2021 On the occasion of the session of the Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK), scheduled for February 25, 2021. (Thursday), the Centers for Civil Initiatives want to draw attention to a particularly important item on the agenda - the Proposal of the Assembly Work Program for 2021, and the proposed initiative to include in it the consideration of the Report on Financial Audit of ZDK for 2020 and the Institute of Health ZDK insurance for 2020.]]><![CDATA[ AUDIT RECOMMENDATIONS A STEP TO CLEANER AIR]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/623.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/623.htmlFri, 19 Feb 2021

“Audit recommendations are a great foundation for decision making on future strategies, programs and activities of all public institutions, and by acting per audit recommendations, relevant institutions can significantly improve the state in the field of air pollution”, was the conclusion of the Centers for Civic Initiatives conference  in Sarajevo today.

<![CDATA[ŽEPČE, PRIJEDOR, TRNOVO AND VUKOSAVLJE INTRODUCING OBLIGATORY CONSIDERATION OF AUDIT REPORTS]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/622.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/622.htmlWed, 10 Feb 2021

Local parliaments of Municipality of Žepče, City of Prijedor, Municipality of Trnovo, Municipality of Vukosavlje shall, this year, consider the reports of the financial audits shat shall, within the annual plan for 41 units of local self-governance, be carried out by the FBiH Audit Office and the Main Audit Service in Republika Srpska. These local units are the first four units that have positively responded to the initiative of the Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and incorporated the consideration of reports in annual work plans.

<![CDATA[GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS AND PUBLIC COMPANIES DOWNPLAY IMPORTANCE OF THE COMMITTEE AND AUDIT OFFICE ]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/621.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/621.htmlTue, 02 Feb 2021

The FBiH parliamentary committee responsible for audit has begun the hearing of the audited entities on 29 January 2021. The Committee has already at the first hearing encountered obstacles in its work. Some representatives of the audited entities did not appear for the hearing. It is concerning that they are representatives of the Government of the Federation of BiH, i.e., Finance Ministry, whose hearing was scheduled for that day and whose report on budget execution for 2019 was on the agenda.

<![CDATA[NO SANCTIONS FOR CONTINUOUS VIOLATION OF LAWS]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/620.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/620.htmlTue, 19 Jan 2021

At a press conference in Banja Luka, Centers for civic initiatives (CCI) presented today the findings of the Analysis of audit reports of local self-government units in Republika Srpska. 

Since its establishment, the Head service for Republika Srpska public sector audit has audited all 64 units of local self-government, and it did it at least three times. In the observed period of 10 years, 2010-2019, 239 financial audit reports of local self-government units were published, and only 3% of audited units received a “positive opinion”, which is the most critical information. 73% of municipalities/cities that received a reserved opinion have spent 1.062.927.912 BAM or  80% of total funds of all local units, whereas 24% of units that received a “negative opinion“ have spent 206.384.994 BAM. Local self-government units that received two consecutive negative opinions on their financial report are: Gacko, Istočni Stari Grad, Kostajnica, Oštra Luka, Ribnik, Trnovo and Ugljevik. On this occasion, the CCI point to the need for local parliaments, at least once a year, to adopt information on the implementation of the Action Plan to address the identified irregularities, through the implementation of recommendations.

<![CDATA[ CONTEMPORARY INFORMATION SYSTEMS ASSIST IN PREVENTING CORRUPTION Zenica Cantonal Hospital Introduces an Innovative Patient Wait List Software ]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/619.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/619.htmlTue, 22 Dec 2020

 An innovative information system for transparent patient waitlists has been presented today in Zenica by the Centres for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and representatives of the Zenica Cantonal Hospital. The system was created and applied in the Cantonal Hospital as part of the Project for Combating and Preventing Corruption in Healthcare implemented by Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI BiH) and the Centres for Civic Initiatives (CCI) with the financial support from the European Union.

Patients, users of healthcare services most often do not understand the internal procedures that the healthcare institutions use to create the waiting lists or their capacities or priorities. Having no understanding of how these lists are formed and no insight in hospital waiting lists can lead to patients' distrust in the public healthcare system and patients’ dissatisfaction with the healthcare services. On the other hand, non-transparent process and its lack of definition opens the door for the staff responsible for creating the waiting lists to approach to this problem in an unjust and inappropriate manner. In some cases, this opens the door to corruption.

<![CDATA[PRESS KONFERENCIJA Predstavljanje inovativnog softvera za transparentne liste čekanja pacijenata u Kantonalnoj bolnici Zenica]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/618.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/618.htmlMon, 21 Dec 2020

Centri Civilnih Inicijativa (CCI) vas pozivaju na press konferenciju, koja će se održati u Zenici, 22.12.2020. godine (utorak), s početkom u 12:00 sati u prostorijama Hotela Dubrovnik (Školska 10).

Press konferencija se organizuje povodom predstavljanja inovativnog informacionog sistema za transparetne liste čekanja pacijenata koji je uveden u Kantonalnoj bolnici Zenica. Automatski sistem kreiranja i transparentne liste čekanja obezbjeđuju pacijentima potpuni pristup informacijama, a zdravstvenim radnicima olakšava rad i unaprijeđuje i pojednostavljuje komunikaciju sa pacijentima. Smanjuje se mogućnost za koruptivne radnje prilikom zakazivanja pacijenata i "ubacivanje preko reda". Ovaj pozitivan primjer biće predložen i drugim zdravstvenim ustanovama.

Navedena aktivnost se realizuje u okviru Projekta sprečavanja i borbe protiv korupcije u zdravstvu koga provode Transparency interantional Bosne i Hercegovine (TI BiH) i Centri civilnih inicijativa (CCI), uz finansijku podršku EU.

<![CDATA[STRONGER CONTROL OVER PUBLIC FUNDS EXPENDITURE AS A FORM OF PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION WITHIN INSTITUTIONS ]]>http://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/617.htmlhttp://www.cci.ba/news/2/42/617.htmlWed, 09 Dec 2020
Marking the World Anti-Corruption Day, the Centers of Civil Initiatives and the Embassy of Sweden in BiH in a joint press release reminded of the importance of controlling the expenditure of public funds and the need for greater accountability of the institutions to implement audit recommendations in order to eliminate observed irregularities in financial operations of public institutions.