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Civil Society Sustainability Project

The EU accession process promotes active participation of CSOs in decision-making processes, however, the authorities in BiH do not see the civil society as the main partner, or do not consider the civil society as a legitimate representative of citizens, who hold their elected representatives accountable for the adoption and implementation of public policies. The main assumption is that only a strong and effective civil society, which advocates solving the problems of a large number of citizens, brings increased participation of citizens in decision-making processes. Read more

Strengthening the integral agriculture production in order to decrease unemployment and substitute imports in processing industry

The project focuses on connecting agricultural producers and the food industry in the area of the City of Bijeljina. By implementing various activities, we will connect agricultural producers with their customers, supporting them simultaneously with transfer of knowledge, quality seeds, irrigation system and fertilization of crops, as well as means of protection. On a concrete example, the project will show that good business and employment opportunities in agriculture exist in our communities, and that they can be used with the cooperation and entrepreneurial approach of all stakeholders. Project good practice will be institutionalized in order to systematically and sustainably assist citizens in future agricultural business initiatives, and not to wait for a job at the employment office as they do now. The project will be implemented in the territory of the City of Bijeljina, and the leader of the project is the Association “Centres for Civic Initiatives” (CCI). The project partners are the City of Bijeljina, the Employment Bureau of the Republic of Srpska - Bijeljina Branch Office, Sava Semberija d.o.o. Bijeljina, and the Adult Education Institution "Dositej" from Bijeljina. The project is supported by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and co-financed by the City of Bijeljina. The total value of the project is 215,914 EUR. The implementation period is September 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018. Read more

Strengthening the responsibility of BiH authorities in implementation of reforms

Although political leaders have expressed full determination to implement the structural reforms (through Reform Agenda and obligations under the EU integration), reforms in BiH are implemented selectively and too slowly. The authorities are attempting to statistically present the results – they count adopted reforming measures, but they miss to notice the social reality shown through stagnating living standard, bad business conditions, fall of investments, growth of poverty and more and more intense emigration from the country (and not only of the young citizens). At the same time, for main planned reforms (described in Reform agenda and corresponding Action plans) there are no indicators for measuring the outcome or effects, which disables the objective assessment of advance and addressing the responsibility of competent authorities (in institutions, per individuals and political parties). Without measurable indicators and facts, public debate comes down to statistical form and political quarreling.     With implementation of this project the CCI wishes to contribute to strengthening the accountability of BiH authorities in implementing the reforms and solving the existential problems of citizens.  Period of project implementation is 01.08.2017. do 28.02.2019 and the donor is the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in BiH.  Project Budget is 152.420 KM. Read more

Strengthening participatory democracy and good management through constitutional reforms and stronger local self-governance in Sarajevo canton

Over the last 10 years in the local self-governance of Sarajevo Canton (KS), comprised of nine municipalities and City of Sarajevo, lost a number of competences and sources of financing through single-sided decisions of Cantonal authorities, significantly derogating the subsidiarity principle and quality of public services. The project aims to lift the constitutional ambiguities and conflict of interest among nine Sarajevo municipalities, City of Sarajevo and Sarajevo Canton (KS), as these produced decline in public service and disharmony with the citizens' needs. The project will be implemented in the period 01.07.2017. do 31.08.2018. The project Donor is Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Project Budget is 96.560 KM. Read more

'Improvement of the System for Prevention and Protection against Floods in the Municipalities of Bijeljina, Lopare, Sekovici, Sapna and Teocak'

Numerous analyses show that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the country of high flood risk. Floods in BiH have repeatedly been catastrophic, and over the last few years they caused enormous damage to the economy, infrastructure, environment, health of the population, including the loss of human life. Flood damage was not completely avoidable, but it could have been less severe if the BiH authorities had taken all measures to build a functional and efficient system of flood protection. Improvement of the system for prevention and flood protection is a key in the fight against disasters such as floods, and a large part of the responsibility for the current situation is certainly borne by the local governments in BiH.  The period of implementation: October 25, 2016 – October 25, 2017  Donor: Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina  Budget: EUR 242.826 Read more

“Strengthening the Integrity of the Public Sector: De-politicization for the Rule of Law”

In BiH there are over 25,000 senior and managerial positions within the public sector or public administration that are unofficially considered political/electoral positions, even though the law does not treat them as such. Through derogation of positive legislation and promotion of political parties' mastering of the entire public sector, BiH and its components are at risk of collapsing the fragile rule of law, equality before the law and confidence in the justice system. Politicization of and the rule of political parties in the public administration has reached a historical maximum, and employment of politically suitable persons instead of high-quality staff in the public service has become an unwritten rule. It is therefore required a large shift in the political culture as well as in the daily practice of appointment and employment in the public sector. Period of implementaion: 01.01.2016.- 31.12.2017. Donor: EU Delegation to BiH Budget: 199.980 EUR   Read more

BASE (Building Accountability and Systems in the Election)

Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI) with 5 partner organizations Center for Civic Cooperation '' CGS“ Livno, Associtaion of citizens Democracy-Organizing-Progress 'DON' Prijedor, Forum of Tuzla Citizens,  Youth Information Agency '' OIA '' Sarajevo and   Institute for youth and Community Development '' Perpetuum mobile '' Banja Luka within the Coalition for free and fair Elections – Pod lupom, conduct BASE (Building Accountability and Systems in the Election) project.The project duration is 36 months (from 15.11.2015. to 15.11.2018.) The total amount of the project budget is 1,675,978 EUR, of which a total of 1.5 million EUR is financed by the European Union (EU / EDF).   Read more