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Strengthening the responsibility of BiH authorities in implementation of reforms

Consequently, political actors of this country are not considered responsible for slow implementation of reforms, and thus also not responsible for existential problems in the society and unacceptable delay of European integration. There are no visible signs (no impression) of concern and anxiety in the institutions regarding constantly delayed deadlines for reforms, there are no updated work plans, no resignations / firing in institutions and administrative agencies. But there is conformism in public spending and taking new loans to patch the budget gaps that appear exactly due to not implementing reforms for more rational and efficient administration and better public revenues. 


Overall goal:
Contribute to strengthening the accountability of BiH authorities for implementing the reforms, increase of efficiency of realization of the second phase of the Reform Agenda and speed-up of European integration, and developing the image and legitimacy of CSO in advocating the solution for BiH citizens’ problems.

Project goals:
-Creating independent analytical reports about the effects of reforms in BiH and individual accountability of institutions and parliamentary parties for the identified status of reforms, based on measurable goals-indicators developed on the basis of UN Sustainable Development Goals - World Happiness Report;
-Start the public debate on accountability of political actors for (un)successful implementation of reforms as a motivation for citizens to come out and vote at the upcoming general elections in October 2018;  
-Strengthen the efficacy of realization of the second phase of Reform Agenda and acquiring the status of a candidate for the EU by advocating the adoption of a matrix of goals/indicators for measuring the progress of reforms in BiH.