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Strengthening the integral agriculture production in order to decrease unemployment and substitute imports in processing industry

Semberija is a very agricultural area. The holdings are fragmented and the farmers register their farms as non-commercial because they do not make a profit sufficient for a decent life. The owners of these farms are kept on the records of the Employment Service as unemployed persons because they do not realize the income from which they can pay health and social insurance. Contracted production and secured placement of goods (production for a known buyer) can enable them to plan production (to have the cultures that are sought and for which there is a secured market), which will generate decent wages and be able to re-register their holdings in commercial and cease to be users of the Employment Service. The project will respond to this problem by linking agricultural producers with their customers, supporting them simultaneously with transfer of knowledge, quality planting material, soil analysis, plant protection and fertilizer, as well as funding of plantation insurance, and co-financing of irrigation systems (drop by drop) which will ultimately hire people, cover part of the raw material demand (indirectly increase the number of employees in processing and industry), and give a development perspective even after the duration of this project.


The overall goal of the project is to contribute to reduction of unemployment in the Bjeljina area and to increase the competitiveness of local agricultural producers.

Specific objectives: 

1) Motivate and support at least 50 unemployed persons from the City of Bijeljina to start production of red pepper for the needs of the processing industry in Bijeljina;

2) To create the institutional mechanism of the City of Bijeljina for the long-term harmonization of agricultural production according to the needs of processing capacities in the area of the City;

3) Actualize the importance and benefits of partnerships (local administration, producers and processors) for the development of agriculture, as well as the reduction of unemployment in Bijeljina.