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Are you a group of citizens facing corruption in your community and because of that you cannot exercise your own right or that of a broader group of people?

Do you suffer the consequences of bad decisions made amid the misuse of power or unlawful government conduct?

You refuse to accept this situation as normal. You are prepared to engage in the fight against corruption, to call for responsibility and rule of law.

Contact us to receive assistance for your initiatives in fighting corruption.

Mob: 063 396 536
Activities/Initiatives eligible for the assistance:
-Initiative refers to a problem that has arisen as a consequence of corruptive actions (misuse of public office and resources, corruption in health care, misuse of public procurements, management of public funds, illegal construction, corruption in education, etc.);
- is planned and implemented by locals in a certain area (municipality, town, local community, neighborhood or street, village);
- actively engages citizens (i.e., encourages a broader community to take part in finding a solution to a common problem), involves a larger group of people;
-Initiative has the potential to bring benefits to a broader local community;
The support they can receive from us includes:
-    Support to analyze the problem and legal assistance;
-    Support to elevate the problem to the public level;
-    Support to implement PR activities;
-    Financial assistance to implement the activities of your initiative;
-    Other types of assistance necessary for implementation of the initiative, depending on the nature of the problem.
The activities are implemented as part of the project USAID's Assistance to Citizens in Fight against Corruption. The project is implemented by the Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI), Transparency International in BiH (TI BIH) and the Center for Media Development and Analysis (CRMA).