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Strengthening accountability in the management of SOEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project activities aim to reduce the political influence on the work of SOEs according to the applicable laws. The project will contribute to solving the problems in SOEs in BiH, with the expected depoliticization of SOEs as the ultimate goal. This will be done through increased transparency, strengthening accountability and greater control over the operations of SOEs. In a transparent atmosphere in which everyone will be held accountable for their work results, political parties will lose interest in appointing and recruiting incompetent staff to positions of responsibility. Read more

System Transparency in the Election Process (STEP)

In the last General Elections in 2018, a record number of election irregularities was recorded since the Coalition "Pod lupom" observed the elections (since 2014). There is an impression that political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are doing whatever they want and that the laws do not apply to them as to other citizens. This is made possible by the sluggishness of the election administration and investigative bodies in eliminating and prosecuting election irregularities. During the pre-election period, Pod lupom observers recorded hundreds of cases of electoral irregularities such as illegal pressure on voters, buying votes, conditional dismissals or offering new employment in exchange for votes, misuse of public resources for campaign purposes, out-of-date voter lists in some municipalities, illegal trade in polling stations, banned paid political advertising before the start of the campaign, and other types of irregularities. In addition, a significant number of complaints were received from citizens about various types of irregularities and election fraud. Read more

Podrška građanima u borbi protiv korupcije

Petogodišnji projekat „Podrška građanima u borbi protiv korupcije“ provode Centri civilnih inicijativa (CCI), kao glavni implementator, te Transparency International BiH (TIBiH) i Centar za razvoj medija i analize (CRMA) kao partneri na projektu, a podržan je od strane Američke agencije za međunarodni razvoj (USAID). Read more

Capacity Building for Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Raising (SELDI)

CENTERS FOR CIVIC INITIATIVES (CCI) as the partner of SELDI initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina impelements activities within the project/title of the action: Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: Capacity Building for Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Raising (SELDI). The proposed action aims to implement the Civil Society Strategy and Joint Strategic Programme for Good Governance and Anti-corruption 2020. In line with the global and specific objectives of the call and with its priorities the proposed action strives to: (i) improve the environment and policies concerning CSOs in the region by tackling civil society capture and loss of trust in civil society organisations in the region; (ii) increase networking and build partnerships with local grass-roots organisations active on anticorruption, across regional thematic networks, and with public organisations implementing the anticorruption policies of the region and at EU level; (iii) strengthen its internal monitoring and advocacy capacity, and increase its effective policy communication with other stakeholders and the general public. Read more

Curing the Unhealthy Health System in BIH
More Efficient Public Audits for Less Corruption in BiH

Project is contributing to a more responsible spending of budget funds and to reduction of corruption in the public institutions in BiH. Project involves creation of a public e-database and recommendations from public audit reports as well as the monitoring and analysis of the implementation of the given recommendations. Also, change of a law regulation will be initiated in order to increase and individualize penalties for failing to meet auditors' recommendations, as well as to reform the role and practice of parliamentary auditing committees. At the same time, efforts will be made to establish coordination bodies between prosecutors' offices and public audit in order to exchange information and improve synergies in dealing with corruption in public institutions. Project is implementing with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA. The total value of the project is 950.000 KM, and the implementation period is March 2019-March 2022. Read more

The Project "Resource Center for BiH Civic Society in EU Integrations“

Overall objective of the project is to contribute towards the increasing of Civic Society Organizations (CSOs) involvement in BiH's decision-making processes, in particular regarding BiH's EU accession process, which will be achieved through strengthening CSOs' capacities (including civic activists) to become competent, independent and sector-recognized actors in the forthcoming BiH and EU negotiation processes. In this way, we will directly strengthen BiH's position on the road to the EU integrations. Throughout the entire process, our intention is to improve the institutional framework in BiH, specifically speaking about the need to further develop CSOs and their effective cooperation with BiH institutions.  The Project "Resource Center for BiH Civic Society in EU Integrations’, will be implemented in a partnership between the Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development (ACED). The Project is supported by the European Union through the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total amount of funding available for this project is 500,000 EUR. The project will be implemented during the period October 10, 2018 - October 9, 2022. Read more