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It is necessary to de-politicize the public sector - STATE TO CAPABLE AND NOT TO 'SUITABLE' ONES

On September 18th 2014 Centres for Civic Initiatives presented results of analysis that has been conducted for several months, on selections, appointment and employment in the government institutions and public administration, with special accent on problem of politization on leadership and management positions in te public administration.
Approximately 5.840 formal political functions are in BiH on all levels of political power, and approximately 19.940 managing positions within administration and public sector in general. It is a common knowledge that a vast majority of these positions are considered party election prey, and now they even do not attempt to hide it anymore.  Consequences  are that the professionalism, integrity and efficiency of public administration and public services are brought to collapse.
Political and party appointments of managers and officials of very important agencies and institutions on state level, such as Central Election Commission, Communications Regulatory Agency, Anti-Corruption Agency etc. generating very low efficiency, inaction, lack of vertical accountability, politicization of service, abuse of power etc. In the same time internal stability of institutions is distorting and contributes to disruption in hierarchy because political (parties) employment generate responsibility to political party, not to the institution, as well as weakening of capacities, because 'suitable' ones are being employed, rather than best candidates.

Because of all this CCI will in upcomming period offer to political parites to sign pre-election political statement which will commit to a post-election changes in legislation and practice, in order to:
• An institute of public vacancy was innovated in a way that minimizes the "subjective human factor" in evaluating the qualifications and individual qualities of candidates.
• Provisions that define the selection of candidates "from the list" to change the selection of "the list" of candidates who have passed the election procedure, which would reduce the range of political appointments.
• Adopt a special Law on political functions by which unambiguous would be define positions as political, which are the subject of electoral political competition and implying limited "political" mandate complementary to the mandate of legislative and executive power - everything else must be an independent public administration of strong integrity.
• Consider normative or customary de-politicize of  formal political function at the highest level of executive power, such as the BiH Presidency and the President / Vice-Presidents entities, in line with the region (Serbia, Croatia, Turkey).
By today's promotion CCI has officially launched a campaign Drž, with the aim of de-politicize  of public administration as the only way out of the crisis of accountability and efficiency. Activated internet platform that is the biggest interactive database of political and quasi-political positions in BiH.
For all information please contact Ana Lucic, project coordinator:, 055/222-112 or 065 786 442.


Ana Lučić
Koordinator za odnose s medijima

e-mailana at ccibh dot org
telefon055 222 111
adresaKarađorđeva 8, Bijeljina