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 The Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI) presented the project „More Local Government Accountability for Quality of Citizens' Lives“ that is implemented in 15 local communities: Velika Kladuša, Kalesija, Zavidovići, Goražde, Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Konjic, Široki Brijeg, Hadžići, Livno, Kozarska Dubica, Gradiška, Teslić, Ugljevik, Pale and Foča. The project implies active involvement of young people and aims to improve accountability of government representatives at the local level, to provide to citizens information about the local government  performance and candidates in Local Elections 2020, to create  assumptions for independent monitoring of the local government performance and to monitor citizens’ satisfaction with government performance.
In late April of this year, around 50 young local leaders from 15 local communities were selected through a Public call to take part in the project. They underwent a set of training sessions on the responsibilities and functioning of government at the local level and collection of information important for monitoring government performance. In addition, the young local leaders had the opportunity to practically apply the theoretical knowledge and share it with citizens They are currently collecting the information to be used also in measuring the quality of life of citizens at the local level. The findings of the study will soon be presented through the platform and a set of public events in which the young local leaders participate.

 „Citizens, young people in particular, want to engage more in local policy process, however, they are often discouraged due to a lack of support, fear or due to a lack of adequate mechanisms for citizens participation. Through the work  in the 15 targeted municipalities in BiH and with more than 50 young leaders this project will enable citizens to gain new theoretical knowledge about the work of government institutions at the local level, including the information on how decisions are made, which competences belong to local authorities, methodologies, data analyses, use of online systems/databases, etc. The CCI will transfer to young activists the knowledge of monitoring government performance and implementation of policies in order to lay down the foundations for their involvement in the work of local communities“.“ said Ana Lučić, CCI Project Manager.
It is important for citizens to get to know their local government representatives to establish direct communication with them especially during the pre-election campaign in order to be able to make objective decisions on who to vote for and to monitor and hold these candidates accountable for every word they say, if they fail to do their job properly.
“Participation of young people in monitoring government performance at the local level implies more effort, thoroughness and positive results. Active participation of young people, besides being legally allowed, is also an obligation of every individual. As a democratic country, Bosnia and Herzegovina demands from us to be informed about government performance, to observe both the needs and the problems, but also to seek potential solutions for some local community. Participation allows young people to take responsibility for their own future and for the future of the entire society!“ – says one of the involved local leaders, Ana Zoraja from Livno.
From February-November, the CCI will organize various activities covering the topic of monitoring local government performance to ensure that there is information on political programs that focus on the improvements of the quality of life at the local level, and to conduct a research on the quality of life of citizens in the targeted municipalities,  to establish mechanisms for independent monitoring of government performance at the local level and to strengthen the role of young people in political processes, starting with local elections.
“Authority comes from the people, and the future of society depends greatly on young people. Hence, it is necessary for young people to participate in social and political life, and one of the ways to do so is to monitor the work of government at different levels, starting at the local level, which, at the same time, is closest to everyone“, pointed out Marko Lončar, local leader from Teslić.

„I see monitoring local government as an extraordinary project that will help local community to do better and that provides to young local leaders an opportunity to learn more about the work of their municipalities. It is useful for the future of young people that want to learn more and help some local community to make it better for all and to encourage young people to get involved in all projects of some local community,“  adds Boris Madžar, local leader from Kozarska Dubica.

Mayoral Candidate Forums in 15 targeted municipalities and towns in BiH
The plan is to organize Mayoral Candidate Forums in the 15 targeted municipalities and towns in BiH. The Forums will take place during the election campaign i.e., in October and November. These events will include public debates with the candidates running in local election allowing citizens to engage in a two-way communication with the candidates, while the candidates will be able to present their election platforms. Additionally, the event will serve to  present the findings of the quality of life research conducted in the 15 targeted municipalities, after which the candidates will be given opportunity to explain how they plan to improve the situation in the areas identified as priorities in the conducted survey.
The project “More Local Government Accountability for Quality of Life of Citizens“ is realized with the assistance of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Resilience Initiative (BHRI) that is implemented by the International Migration Organization (IOM) and funded with financial assistance from the United States Agency for International Development’’ (USAID).


Ana Lučić
Koordinator za odnose s medijima

e-mailana at ccibh dot org
telefon055 222 111
adresaKarađorđeva 8, Bijeljina