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“Audit recommendations are a great foundation for decision making on future strategies, programs and activities of all public institutions, and by acting per audit recommendations, relevant institutions can significantly improve the state in the field of air pollution”, was the conclusion of the Centers for Civic Initiatives conference  in Sarajevo today.

The aim of the conference was to point out the importance of performance audit, implemented by the Audit Offices in BiH, whose reports contain comprehensive analyzes, conclusions and recommendations for achieving greater transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of public institutions. On this occasion, with the support of Sweden, the conference of the Centers for Civic Initiatives brought together representatives of relevant institutions that can further improve the situation within the specific area of air pollution reduction by following the audit recommendations.

“The performance audit is a very important and powerful instrument in the work of the Audit Office, and it must be used with main aim to improve transparency and efficiency in the work of public institutions. It is necessary that all competent institutions get involved in this process and that the audit findings are easily accessible to the public. Sweden actively supports the process of public audit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Efforts made by the Centers for Civic Initiatives in this area are of great benefit for the citizens of this country “ – said, on this occasion, Torgny Svenungsson, Head of Development Cooperation at the Embassy of Sweden in BiH.

In addition to improving the situation within various areas, performance audit is precisely the method how citizens, representatives of the parliamentary and executive authorities and the media can have insight in the course and results of different activities. “The fact is that these audits do not receive sufficient attention, and there is no adequate acting of institutions per findings and recommendations. That is exactly why we launched activities with which we want to highlight the importance of the performance audit as well as the need for a more serious approach to consideration of audit findings” highlighted Jasmila Pašić, CCI Project Manager. 

Through dialogue with all relevant actors, efforts are made to identify space for improving this process in order to increase the level of implementation of audit recommendations. Ultimately, this would lead to more successful work of institutions within specific areas. On that occasion, the following participated at the conference Aida Đozić, Head of Performance Audit Sector in the Audit Office for the institutions in FBiH, Elvir Karajbić, Member of the Parliamentary Committee responsible for audit in the FBiH Parliament, Suada Šahman-Salihbegović, Secretary in the FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Almir Bijedić, Director of the FBiH Hydrometeorological Institute, Maida Bešlagić, FBiH Environment Protection Inspector in the FBiH Administration for Inspection Affairs, and Zijada Krvavac, Assistant Minister for Environment Protection in the Ministry of Utility Companies, Infrastructure, Spatial Planning, Construction and Environment Protection of Sarajevo Canton.

Representative of the said institutions concluded that air quality also depends on the activities of institutions from different departments, and that solution of years long problem of polluted air requires cooperation and joint acting of institutions on all levels of authority, especially in the sense of implementation of supervision over air pollutants. Performance audits are especially important for Bosnia and Herzegovina which cannot be satisfied with current scope and availability of quality analytical documents. 

Project “More Efficient Public Audit for Less Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is implemented by the  Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI) financed by Sweden, The Project aims to contribute to a more responsible spending of budget funds and reduction of corruption in public institutions in BiH.










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